Support - Presentations

Some of the program features of SCOUT, CODE and SPRAY are explained in presentations which you can show in CODE. Most, but not all of the content can also be viewed with SCOUT.

In order to view a presentation, extract the zip-file that contains the presentation to a folder on your harddisc. Then select the menu command 'Actions/Show presentation'. A dialog shows up which lets you select the folder that contains the presentation.
Once the folder is selected, the first 'slide' is shown. 'Slide' actually means a CODE configuration that is loaded and shown. A presentation is nothing else than a sequence of configurations. With the 'Page Up' key you load the next configuration, with 'Page Down' you go back go the previous.
Usually presentations are shown with the window frame hidden, in the so-called 'presentation mode' of CODE. If you want to change the window size press the key 'p' which toggles between normal mode and presentation mode.

Presentations that you can play with CODE or SCOUT: