Hardware development


Besides fruitful collaboration with hardware companies (which bundle our thin film analysis software with their spectrometer systems) we develop complete measurement systems ourselves.

This allows us to provide solutions for customer problems in very short times, and with a high degree of flexibility.

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How we work

We develop prototypes of optical measurement systems. After a careful discussion of your goals we can design and build a complete system or just the parts that you are missing. Required mechanical parts of complex shape are quickly realized using 3D printing. We input all our experience in optical spectroscopy to provide working solutions at very reasonable costs.

Measurement systems may combine components like

  • software package CODE-NF (contains required hardware controllers, automation features, elegant user interfaces and storage of spectra in files or SQL database tables)
  • software package CODE (works like CODE-NF, adds optical modeling and thin film fitting)
  • your existing array spectrometers (OceanOptics, Avantes, tec5)
  • new array spectrometers (all price ranges)
  • halogen light sources
  • probeheads for reflectance and transmittance of flat samples
  • integrating spheres (diameter up to 200 mm) for reflectance and transmittance of textured and scattering samples
  • servo motors for mechanical motions
  • stepper motors for mechanical motions
  • traverse systems for linear motion
  • several sensors (light, temperature, distance, …)